I’m trying not to gloat. I really am. But the oil companies are making it really, really hard. I fueled up this morning, and I payed this: 630 $0.798/L * 58L / 1000km per tank average = $0.0463/km. With the amount I’m driving the last while, I’m filling up once every two weeks. So we’re talking just under $100 for 2000km of travel a month.
I took a look at the other side of the pump, and saw this:
Please don’t hate me because I’m paying almost 40 cents a litre less than you. Hate me because I’ll still be smiling when I’m paying $1.50/L @ 50mpg. $1.50/L * 58L / 1000km per tank = $0.087/km. It works out to $175/month for 2000km of travel. Nothing to really write home about, until I remember that’s what it’ll cost some people to fill their tank. Once. For 500km if they’re lucky.

Please don’t key my car.


Just Another Dave