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On Parking Douchebaggery

Apparently I can’t frame a shot with my phone to save my life, but at least I’ve got something. Had a douchebag crawl up Gia’s ass just off whyte ave last night. Brad had opted to not park behind me as he would have been past the sign; too close to the intersection and thusly, illegal. Didn’t stop this cunt-rag from parking 10 inches off my bumper. Only upside was I got to use one of the tickets I printed off of youparklikeanasshole. What did we learn from this? 1) Bring the good camera more often 2) It’s a good thing dave doesn’t own a big, metal vehicle 3) It’s time to make up some custom tickets to leave on windsheilds 4) People is bitches, and bitches must die. (Thankyou, ninjastan)


Getting back on the horse

I’ve been sucking at the being healthy thing the last couple weeks. Not that I’ve been sick, per-se, but I’ve been eating like garbage and I haven’t seen the inside of my gym in a couple weeks. We need to change this. I’m nearing some very unhealthy weights at this point.

I was going 3 days a week, and while I felt better, I really couldn’t say one way or another if I was making any progress. Am I insane for thinking I’d see difference in a month and a bit? To the untrained eye, yes. So tonight we’re going to start documenting things. Pic-shures. This is part one of the plan. I’m thinking a weekly thing. Don’t worry. I’m not thinking about posting the pics weekly. You may get some later on, if I’m particularly happy with the progress.

Secondly, I need to get my diet and sleep-patterns under control. They’re working against me.

And lastly, I need to get my ass in the gym. Consistently.

Speaking of sleep, I need to do that. I’ll check in with the New Plan, as soon as it surfaces.

Day 2 of what I believe to be a 12 day break

I have spent all morning playing Wii Bowling.  I took my Mii, who’d never bowled before from 0 to pro.  I’ve now managed two 200+ games.

I fear I must actually do something with today or I will feel rather… unhappy with myself.  So that something is going to be installing working on a spam filter for my main mail server.  The time has come. Details to follow of what I do.


Alright. Here’s the deal.

I’ve got 3 days off, to myself. I’ve got a list of shit I want to get done. I’ve got my TV, my laptop, papasan chair, and the Matrix box set that desperately needs re-watching.

I think we all know what needs to happen.

Re: Dead President

As club curator, founding member, and a Past President, I am hereby taking
your resignation into consideration. Due to the unpreparedness of the club
to transition to a new president, I regret to inform you that we are going
to change your official status to Outgoing President and you will be
placed into a 3 month probationary term as acting president while we make
other arrangements.

At the end of the aforementioned 3 month period, taken to be occurring on
or around the Consumerism Celebration in late December, we will be
evaluating this specially formulated presidential term. There will be an
outgoing interview of our longest running president as well as the
establishment of formal relations with the Outgoing Presidents new
business partner.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and hope your new
ventures provide new challenges with which you can test the skills you
have acquired while working for our cause, as well as grow into your new


Past President

To the yuppie bitch “driving” the Honda Odyssy…

You have now convinced me that upgrading to the 118dB Twin Supertone kit from Hella is worth my money.

I would very much have liked to see the reaction on your face after you tried to change lanes into me without shoulderchecking because you were too busy talking on your cell phone when you mistook the noise produced by my little hatchback for the end of all things. Perhaps I shall get you next time.


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of any substance so I thought it might be prudent for me to post a bit of a recap of the last little while.

I took my brother and his gf to get Lego Star Wars 2 at EB games Wednesday night. They did the right thing and bought a legit copy. I picked up a cheap copy of the incredibles game (though the original, not the second one which was a two player that I thought I was getting and carla wanted to play…) A few minutes after we get home pete comes down saying he can’t get it installed.

After a few minutes of yelling at it, I start googling for the error and we realise that a large number of people are having issues with this release. It’s a know problem that Lucas Arts hasn’t released a patch for. Luckily, there is a fix for this, and we can thank the pirates for it. They fixed this a little while ago, and basically we copied all the files off the cd, replaced one of the files, burned that off and installed from our new master. Works like a charm.

Go Lucas Arts, you cocknobs.

Went to Edson yesterday for a pitiful amount of work. Though I did get to listen to a number of great interviews from IT Conversations. There were to guys I listened to that had incredible passion for what they were talking about (Asterisk and Identity on the Web), and while listening to them I was thinking to myself, I remember when I used to sound like that. Fast forward a number of hours and I’m on campus waiting for Carla to finish up so I head up to RATT and meet up with some LSD folks. Lo and behold, I find myself preaching for damn near an hour on the history of the open source movement. That made me rather happy as it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to rattle of the tale of serendipity that is the coming together of the GNU project and the Linux kernel.

When I get a change to sit down again, I think it might be time to impart on the world my thoughts on the shooting in Montreal.  I’m going to warn you all now, there’s going to be a lot of seething anger, and I’m going to bring up a lot of shit about Columbine that most people have forgotten.  And I’m going to become part of what I hate. I’m going to take what should be a time for mourning and turn it into “current event focused prosumer generated content in the blogosphere”.  I think I’m going to go puke.


So I’m nearing the end of three full days off. In a row. This is a damn vacation for me. I can’t say that I’ve accomplished a lot this few days, but I feel damn good.

Saturday night we went out to the park to a house party Bryan invited us to…  I kept thinking that I really shouldn’t have to justify going with “I need to fill up anyways”, but that was the hilight of the trip.  The party sucked. I guess I shouldn’t be entirely suprised by that. We ran back here… hung about for a bit, then I dropped Carla and John off.  Lame.

Yesterday I woke up fairly early and got a fair bit of computering done.  Carla finaly rose from the dead and I headed over to her place with the intention of going out shopping for clothes. Over an hour later, after she made brownies, we finally set out to find clothings.  I came home with some styluses for my Treo, the new Tool disc and Awake by Dream Theater.  Yeah…

Last night were over at Johns, he’d tried to round up a good group of people for a fire, we managed to add Ellie, but everyone else decided tobe sucktastic.

Today could be considered a write-off.  Been on a torrenting binge.  Signed up for I’m testing KDE on my workstation right now.  Installing ubuntu on a machine for Carla so she can stop using my MythTV frontend as her desktop (threw a 9800 Pro AIW in her machine so she could game a little too).

Last night we started talking about Tat’s again.  I’m really wanting to get the debian swirl done.  I should start looking into how much it’ll set me back.