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re-Hello World

This is a test of the re-install of wordpress as well as the new piwigo plugin. Also a picture of tasty tasty booze.
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Back online

I’ve finally got most services recovered. The old VM had issues that I had no interest in hunting down so I built up a new one. Just this week did I finally get around to migrating the old data over.

I’ve got the galleries to fix still, and some sites to update the software for, as well as a few things to post about which I will probably forget about anyways.

A Minor Update

Life’s been treating me pretty well this past month.

I’ve been good about something things (try to de-stress and such) and not so good about others (diet… exercise) but overall I’ve been pretty happy about how this month has gone. Ultimately it’s time for me to develop a new routine and stick to it rather religiously.

Over the last couple evenings I’ve attempted a repair of the poorly designed floating bridge on my guitar and restrung it.  Spent a few minutes strumming away before I made supper this evening. I’ve been debating trying to pick up guitar again as a winter project. Other contenders for that spot are also getting my HAM license and working on my geek cred. I suppose it would be possible to do all of these things, but I don’t know how likely that really is.

Yesterday also brought an upgrade of wordpress to the blogs I host. 2.3 seems to be pretty neat. They’ve added tag support as well as a tag-cloud widget for the side bar.  It figures that such a thing should exist as just 3 days ago I found a cloud widget that works on the existing category system. I guess if I’m to start tagging things I’ll need to reconsider my current categories.

I’ve also seen talk of a Debian User Planet which somewhat intrigues me.  I think I’d be more inclined to write and thusly post more technical articles if I knew people who’d get some use out of them would actually be exposed to them.  Though for such a thing to happen I would need to be able to generate an RSS feed for just a single category and I haven’t found a way to do this yet.

To be fair, if I expect people to read what I write, then I need to write more compelling content and post more frequently. I suppose that would tie in with the above. Establish a routine that involves posting to the intarwebs, practicing guitar, studying for the HAM license, and working out. Oh yeah, and work and socializing and sleep.


There may be life yet

Today I headed down to the colo after work.  I swapped out the mobo, proc, mem, and sata controller in apoc.  So far things seem to be a bit more stable.  However, I made a number of other tweaks that may have fixed the instability. On the new board, I disabled hyperthreading and onboard usb. Unfortunately this board doesn’t do dual-channel ddr and only has three slots instead of four for ram.  I would eventually like to get the original board back in apoc, but only after extensive testing at home.

Here’s to hoping we get a stable Xen box soon.

Nope, Not Dead

Just stupid busy.

I’ve been fighting with server bitchyness the last week or so now.  Apoc seems to have a memory issue somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it yet.  I’m not sure if it’s hardware or an issue with the new Xen kernel I’m running from etch.  Eventually I will get this resolved. I still need to move the jabber server off the VM server and onto the new seraph.  Need to get another disk in seraph and mirror them too. So much stuff to do.

I spent yesterday layed out in bed with a fucked up back.  It still hurts this morning but I’m hoping I’ll survive the day.  I guess maybe it’s time that I actually see somebody about that.


I’ve been debating what I should do with my hosting setup.  I had the thought earlier today that I could accomplish all I currently do with a single Virtual Private Server from one of a large number of providers, for less money than I currently pay.  But there is the distinct lack of geek factor in doing that.  I’d much prefer to be the guy hosting the VPS instances and renting them out. The utility of the half rack of stuff I have is only half the reason I do it.  I like playing with the hardware.  I like having my own servers that run on my own terms.

The month to month costs for space and bandwidth aren’t bad, I could certainly have much more expensive hobbies. It’s the extra incidentals that have been killing me lately though.  Dead hard drives every now and then in addition to the occasional upgrade has been taking its toll.  I don’t know whether it makes more sense to just rent a VPS and mothball what I’ve got or find a couple of people willing to pay for hosting or their own VPS to subsidise leasing a couple of new servers.  Hell, if I could find a couple of people willing to chip in I could probably keep running with my current hardware.  I’m not really looking to make buckets of cash on all this.  I’d like to approach breaking even at some point, though.

Something to ponder, I guess.

A bit of housecleaning

I’ve made a couple changes to the site after I upgraded to the new release of WordPress. The drag and drop arranging of the sidebar widgets is pretty neat and I was able to add in the dealy pretty painlessly. Just created a new text box and pasted in the embed code from

I’ve cleaned up at home a bit. Got a pipe rack in off ebay so I re-arranged the shelves here to fit that in. Pictures here.

I’ve had another hard drive failure downtown. It’s one of the recently replaced units too. Luckily I got it through our supplier at work so it’ll be painless to get a new unit in. I’m really debating getting a SATA 4in3 hotswap cage for that machine. I’ll think about it this weekend. If I do get it now, I can get them to order it in and I can install it when I swap the drive sometime this week.

It also looks like I’m preparing to revamp the entirety of my setup downtown. Time to move on from VHCS to the new fork. ISPCP Omega. I’ve installed a fresh copy of etch in VMware at home that I’m going to test it on. As soon as RC3 comes out with the migration script, I’ll be moving node1 over. Once that’s settled down, I think I’m going to move email hosting for my friends domains to be managed by VHCS instead of ISPMAN as it currently is. Once that’s done, I’ll be able to make a decision as to what I should do about my own email. I suppose I could even do it under VHCS too.

VOIP stuff has stalled for now. I had trixbox working under VMWare for a while, and I got it to tftp stuff to the CP7960 without issue, but there were latency issues and the voice prompts were getting garbled. Though I have to wonder how necessary it will be to run asterisk at home.

More later… back to work.