It’s called Personal Responsibility

Asking for technological solutions to societal problems implicitly conveys the notion of “that which is not expressly forbidden is allowed”. If the result of you doing something stupid is someone taking advantage of your stupidity the take-away lesson is not to engage in that behavior again without expecting a similar outcome. I simply cannot accept that the solution to an individuals inattention is to inconvenience the rest of society.

Apparently the bathrooms are getting locks put on them in the office building here because some member of our society with a lower-than-necessary level of suspicion left his wallet in one of the mens rooms and then was shocked when he discovered it’d been stolen. The building management has decided to put locks on all the bathroom doors and provide each tenant with a single mens key and a single womens key. It has been decided that we are to be respected as much as patrons of gas-station bathrooms.

Depending on the type of lock used I fully intend to bypass this inconvenience. There is no reason, living in a civilized society, that I should be required to wait for a coworker to return from the bathroom so that I may take care of my bodily functions.

A good morning indeed

I made it to the gym this morning for the first time in way too long.  My car was broken into a week and a half ago and, among other things, the fucking savages took my ipod and my gym bag.  So I put together a new gym bag last week and picked up a 2GB iPod shuffle.  Seems to work well enough, but I’m going to have to work on the music selection.

I weighed in this morning at 159lbs.  That puts me, officially, down 30 pounds on the year. I am very, very happy about this.  I haven’t felt this comfortable in my own skin in a while.  I didn’t spend much time at the gym this morning, mainly due to the fact I didn’t get my ass out of bed early enough to do anything more than a half hour on a bike, but that’s ok.  I sweat my balls off for that half hour and the shower afterwards felt fantastic.

To make the experience all that much more enjoyable, it had rained while I was in the gym so the walk to my car was smelled incredibly sweet.  And on my way to the office I saw some jackass with a Porsche boxster who’d left his top down in that rain, so smiles all around today.