Spring Cleaning

The day I got back from the trip to the coast, I started on some maintenance that needed doing. Did the oil change (I was 400km over) and FINALLY FIXED THE FUCKING HEADLIGHTS.

I still need to:

  1. Replace the three filters (air, cabin, fuel)
  2. Drain the water seperator
  3. Replace the skid-plate and side skirts
  4. Switch off my winter rubber (I keep telling myself I want to buy a set of 16″ alloys, but I really can’t justify the cost. I need throw my OEM 15″ rubber back on)
  5. Clean like a moter fucker

After that, I’ve still got some non-maintenance stuff on the list, but still needs doing

  1. Replace the broken pull tabs on the rear seats as I’ve snapped the second one this past winter
  2. Clean like a mother fucker
  3. Re-run the wiring for my iPod adapter
  4. Setup the relay in the hatch to clarify my rear-fog vs the 5 brake light mod
  5. Steal a few LEDs from my third eye for turn signals
  6. Install a lighted compass

That’s about all I can think of when at the moment. Needed something to do while killing time before heading out again this morning. I guess we’ll see how much of this I can hammer out in the next couple weeks, first list specifically.