Alientech Window Controller


In the summer of ’06 during my quest for ever better mileage, I refused to use the A/C even on the hottest of days.  Being that most of my driving is done in city the increased drag of having the windows rolled down had less of an impact on fuel efficiency at city speeds than using the A/C, I took to rolling my windows down every time I got in the car.  Visiting as many sites as I did during the day, this became a rather tedious operation.

Most everybody has seen the VW commercial of the guy putting his key in the lock and rolling the windows up and down.  That was a good start, but it still meant the car was blistering hot when I sat down (black interior, no tint yet).  Luckily Alientech makes a device that taps into the VW window controller and waits for a specific series of keypresses from the remote entry fob.

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