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Dear you poor bastards

I’m trying not to gloat. I really am. But the oil companies are making it really, really hard. I fueled up this morning, and I payed this: 630 $0.798/L * 58L / 1000km per tank average = $0.0463/km. With the amount I’m driving the last while, I’m filling up once every two weeks. So we’re talking just under $100 for 2000km of travel a month.
I took a look at the other side of the pump, and saw this:
Please don’t hate me because I’m paying almost 40 cents a litre less than you. Hate me because I’ll still be smiling when I’m paying $1.50/L @ 50mpg. $1.50/L * 58L / 1000km per tank = $0.087/km. It works out to $175/month for 2000km of travel. Nothing to really write home about, until I remember that’s what it’ll cost some people to fill their tank. Once. For 500km if they’re lucky.

Please don’t key my car.


Just Another Dave

Long Awaited Stats

It’s been way too long since I’ve run my stats and posted.

Let’s start with the 5-tank average. These past 5 tanks were mainly highway, 2 of them were out to Victoria and back, the 2 after that both had 400km highway trips for work, and the last tank was all in city for a total of 4700.3km. Still running my winter-rubber, and most likely on winter diesel, we averaged 5.51L/100km, 18.15km/L, 42.68 US MPG or 51.26 IMP MPG, depending how you want to look at it, for a per-km fuel cost of $0.0501.

This brings the lifetime average to: 5.91L/100km over 66391km. 16.93KM/L, 39.83US MPG or 47.84 IMP MPG, with a per-km fuel cost of $0.0485.

Joined the club

In the wee hours of this morning, after leaving BPs on the southside, we made our way over to Sherwood park so I could fill up.  1146.4 Km on 59.327L of diesel.

I’ve joined the 700 mile club. 712 miles at 54.6 IMP MPG/ 45.45 US MPG, 5.18L /100Km.  In city.

This brings my lifetime to 46.7/38.9 IMP/US MPG, 6.05L/100Km over 32805km.

The last 5 tanks average: 52.42/43.19 IMP/US MPG, 5.39L/100km.


1000 km and counting

Filled the golf last night and I figured it was time to squee a bit. The tank had a 400km run out to Edson and back, which put it around 40% highway.

I pulled 1037.5km out of 57.117L for an average of 5.51L/100km or 51.31 mpg Imperial.  Not the best mileage I’ve seen to date, another run out to Edson, filling right before and right after got me just shy of 55mpg, but this is the first time I’ve broken 1000km.

Works out to 644 miles on this tank, and the low fuel light just came on, so I had at least another 50km in there.  I’m getting closer and closer to the elusive 700mile club.

We’re 4,000km away from an oil change, so I guess it’s time I start looking for some 506.01 0w30 Elf Evolution CRV Oil.  Hoping to hit 60mpg this summer, if not more. I think I’ll probably platuea around 60-63mpg highway untill we do more drastic things like install a taller 5th gear and the like.

In related news… I’m pretty sure my new co-worker thinks my car runs on magic.

Back story

Just a bit of backstory on why I have categories for my car.

I’m insane.

I bought my 2005 VW Golf GLS TDi brand new with 37km on it Aug 6, 2005. Since then I have averaged a little over 100km a day in it.

26417km, over 90% in city driving, with a lifetime average of 45.54 imperial MPG. My best to date was a run out to Edson and back on winter diesel, yielding 54.9 imperial mpg over 400 some km.

I’ve got some creature comforts to add to my Golf. I’ve hit my EPA rated city mileage, this summer I want to hit my rated highway mileage… 61. It will be done.