But you’re a geek… you’re not supposed to get dirty

Finally got around to doing some maintenance on Gia the last couple days.  Picked up oil and filter, fuel filter, air filter, and cabin air filter. Swapped the two air filters when I got home Tuesday after work. Had my winter tires taken off yesterday morning and the guys at the shop were telling me I need to get some new summer rubber in the near future.  My all-seasons are from when I bought the car and have seen a lot of kilometers.  I want to find some 16″ OEM alloys first though, then I’ll buy new non-winter tires.

Last night I rolled Gia up on the ramps at my parents place and did the oil change.  Things I should get: Pela Oil Extractor, Filter Wrench. Oh well.  Rolled her back down, then attempted a fuel filter change for the first time.  Took a bit of wiggling to get the hoses off the filter, but after that it went pretty damn smooth.  Primed the new filter with half a bottle of Power Service White, and we were off to the races. Drained the water separator /filter and it was completely water free, so I poured what came out into the Power Service bottle and back into the tank it went.  Tonight I should grab the engine degreaser and give her a good clean at the Husky.

The simple stuff is done, time to start calling around for the larger service that she needs.  Somedays I really do wish I had my own garage to work in. And a backup car…

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Kind of a strange post, I know. These are the things on my mind as of late. Not so much as where I want Canada to go, but where the US might need to go back to. Anyone who’s talked to me in the last couple weeks knows that I’ve been struggling with this weird mix of strong social support systems and personal responsibility. I’ve been listening to Dan Carlin’s Common Sense, and the above are what I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

On Exchange

From here.

If the same method that exchange/outlook uses to store email were used in the real world as a paper filing system: Every document is translated into Greek, and the original is burned. Then they are all glued together into one solid block and stuffed into a magic box with a tiny slot, through which you can talk to a little gnome who somehow gets each message for you as needed. Sometimes the gnome gets confused and it takes hours (sometimes days) for him to sort things out; meanwhile he can’t find your documents until he is totally finished becoming unconfused again. As an added bonus the gnome costs several thousand dollars and when he dies every few years you need to buy a new gnome. Oh and if the first box gets (arbitrarily) full you have to buy another special gnomebox, which of course costs $$$