oracle is a Soekris Net5501-70 running Debian Etch

  • 500 Mhz AMD Geode LX single chip processor with CS5536 companion chip
  • 512 Mbyte DDR-SDRAM, soldered on board
  • 4 Mbit BIOS/BOOT Flash
  • CompactFLASH Type I/II socket.
  • UltraDMA-100 interface with 44 pins connector for 2.5″ Hard Drive
  • Serial ATA 1.0 interface for Hard Drive, with +5V and +12V power header
  • 1-4 VIA VT6105M 10/100 Mbit Auto MDIX Ethernet ports, RJ-45, protected to 700W/40A Surge
  • 2 Serial ports, DB9 and 10 pins internal header
  • USB 2.0 interface, one internal, one external port
  • Power LED, Disk LED, Error LED, Network LED’s
  • Mini-PCI type III socket. (for t.ex. hardware encryption or wireless controller)
  • PCI Slot, right angle 3.3V signaling only, dual PCI slot option
  • 12 bit general purpose I/O, 20 pins header
  • Temperature and voltage monitor
  • Hardware watchdog
  • Board size 6.3″ x 6.5″
  • Power using external power supply is 6-25V DC, max 20 Watt, protected with TVS
  • Option for 5V supply using internal connector
  • Operating temperature 0-60 °C

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