Quick Xen Note on PAE

I’ve got lots to blog about, but I’ve been too busy playing with new toys to get around to it. This is just a quick note for the internets.

Running Xen on Debian Etch on a machine with 4gb of ram, if you get

"PAE mode mismatch error (xen=yes dom0=no)"

you need to install:

apt-get install xen-hypervisor-3.0.3-1-i386-pae

as the default xen kernel now enables pae by itself when necessary, and the default hypervisor doesn’t support it.

I would love to expound on the ideas Lessig puts forth at the end of this talk, but I don’t quite have the time at the moment.  Instead, I ask that everyone just watch this.

The Mythbox just got hotted up

I’ve spent most of the afternoon revamping the mythbox here. I removed myth-backend from neo and installed it on architect, as well as mysql-server to back myth-backend. I’ve installed and configured LIRC and created a .lircrc for the Packard Bell remote and receiver I bought years ago on ebay.

I’ve installed splashy on the machine for a more pretty boot sequence and set X up to auto-spawn on ttyS7 for the mythtv user and automagically runs irxevent and mythfronted via .xinitrc.

For most people, they will read to hear and take away that my mythbox is now sexier. For the insane few that care to know what exactly I did, that’s after the jump. Continue reading The Mythbox just got hotted up