Onward and Downward!

I’m to be a downtown dweller, I’ve secured a place to call my own starting Aug 1st. August is looking to be a crazy month between moving, being arm candy for a wedding, tripping to Calgary, the PurePwnage theater release, people visiting from out of province, and in theory actual work at work.

I’m basically at a point where I just get to hurry up and wait for Friday to get here so I can do the walk through and take possession.  The stress that was getting to me earlier in the month is gone, it’s been replaced by the financial tightness that is paying for rent at two places plus damage deposit and the soon to be incurred moving costs.  For some reason that’s just not affecting my ability to sleep the way not knowing where I was going to live did.

Setting up the new apartment is going to be a challenge, I’ve taken a place with considerably less space than my previous living arrangements in an attempt to force myself to purge the excess.  I’m of the opinion that I should be able to live comfortably in 500sq ft, if I can learn to change my pack-rat ways.  I’ve got a rough floor plan in mind for how I’ll arrange things. I’m pretty sure I’m going to use the “living area” for my bed and TV and such, and put the computer desk in the “sleeping area” that’s sectioned off by a pony wall as well as the book-cases and such things.  I’m not sure where the papasan chair will fit, most likely down by the TV. Not much cabling to run either, just some cat5e to the HTPC from my desk.  I think I’m going to try my desk without the monitor cubby thing which’ll keep it feeling more open and I’ll be able to look straight over my bed out the east-facing window from my desk.  In my mind that just seems it’ll work well.

Decision on the cat is going to be no, for now.  Until the condo association in this place is up and running the current property management company is saying no pets, not a huge problem.  Existing owners already have pets so once the CA is setup more than likely they’ll be in favour of pet ownership.  By the time happens I may be ready to get a four-footed apartment despot.

On getting old (not older, just old)

Out for drinks last night for John’s birthday and as is expected, the conversation meanders.  It didn’t strike me at the time, but this morning I just realised that the following exchange (now paraphrased) is indicative of how old we are upstairs now.

“I know what you mean about keeping hardwood and laminate clean, luckily I have a great vacuum. I love my Dyson.”

“You have a Dyson? Wow Dave”

“Oh yeah, It’s fantastic.  I can pull entire cats from the carpet and it never loses suction”

Are you fucking serious?  We talk about the horrors of keeping hard floors looking clean and cooing about brands of vacuum?

Life Marches On

After having a couple weekends I can be proud of I decided it would be a good idea to get around to posting. I’ll probably bang out a few tonight, this will be the general-life rollup.

I’ve started the housing search again, hoping to find a 1 bedroom apartment for a decent price for August 1st. I’m hoping to find something that feels like I could make it my home for a year or two while I build up toward buying a house. I desperately need a place to make my own, my kitchen, my bed, my lack of furniture in the living area.  That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed my time living with Nicole, I’m quite lucky and very greatful to have her as a friend, but I need a place that I can call home and this hasn’t really been it.

I’ve been debating getting a cat after I move but I haven’t sold myself 100% on the idea yet.  I’d need to have someone lined up to look after it (I respect it’s privacy) for when I get called away for work. Pete’s gf is alergic and wouldn’t be able to come over to visit. As amazing a cat as Earl is, sometimes I’m just not in a cat mood and don’t know that it’d be fair to do that to a cat that I’m solely responsible for. And people try to convince me I should have kids!

Work has been picking up and I feel like I’ve been doing some work I can be proud of lately. I suppose it would be prudent to blog about specific things later.

I’ve been frequenting both the EDC forums and the Zombie Squad forums the last couple months. I was really hoping to go camping this month but I’m going to have other things to do first. I’ve been building a Bug Out Bag in case the shit hits the fan, and I’m looking forward to building up a food stockpile at the new place as a dry-run for when I get my house in the sticks.

Life is marching on towards my 25th birthday.  If things continue I should be in a good headspace for that day.