Apparently I don’t fuck around

Yesterday I ended up migrating what was left of my colocated machines onto a single VM. Had about 5 minutes notice before I decided to pull the trigger and with that in mind I have to say it went fairly well. I’d already updated DNS settings for my domains in anticipation of a change as well as dist-upgrading my main hosting VM and updated the hosting panel to the latest stable release.

With all that done, starting with a fresh install of Debian Lenny it took a couple hours after work to migrate most things over. I bollocksed up the first installation of ISPConfig, not entirely sure how and ran into a database issue. Being that this was a migration though I figured the easiest thing to do was to nuke it and reinstall the hosting panel. Did that, re-imported the databases and away we went. Had a bit of a mail issue for a few hours, nothing major though.

I spent a bit of time this morning modifying the hosting system to put mail tagged as spam in a Junk folder under each users’ IMAP root and we’re back up and running as we were yesterday with relatively little downtime. Exceedingly little considering it wasn’t a planned move. So for anyone I host that was wondering what the story was yesterday, that’s it. We migrated and upgraded. Now to arrange a time to go collect my hardware and sell it off.

There are a dozen aborted posts under drafts

All of which I want to finish, none of which probably will be. I think Ze is right, if you have a neat idea just throw it out there now. To hell with trying to release it when it’s ready just punt it out the door and see what happens.

There’s stuff in there I would liked to have written about at the time, and I could do some small posts about them but I don’t know that it’s all that engaging to do so. So fuck that noise.

I saw Richard Fucking Stallman, a few weeks back, give a talk on how Copyright harms society. Nothing unexpected, I got to ask a question and he interrupted me as I pretty much expected he would.

A few days later I bought an Acer Aspire One. Upgraded it to 1.5gb of ram and soldered in a bluetooth adapter. Wiped whatever the hell distro they put on there and installed Debian Sid. Happy times.

The Soekris is coming along, it’s doing all routing at home quite handily and I’m working on asterisk. Once that’s done I think it’s time to ditch the personal cellphone. I’m tired of giving rogers money. The number will be ported to the VOIP account and people who don’t get the new mobile contact number immediately will have to accept voicemail and email as contact options for me.

Further to that, I think it’s time to ditch the equipment at the colo. Nothing I do right now justifies a half-rack of equipment, I could do everything I do currently in a rented VM, so that’s the plan.

It certainly does sound like I’m trying to cut expenses, and that’s because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I had a plan for this year, I think it’s about time I made it happen.

Other news, the Golf was broken into this week. They got away with a flashlight and a couple of car chargers. Fuck them and everyone who questions my carrying the tactimurse.

Time to stay angry.