Mental Note

Leave a non-optimized kernel installed on your system. You never know when everything is going to die and your K7 kernels aren’t going to boot on the new 686 processor.

Got the raid fixed up last night. Need to get the Nvidia Video driver going again, as well as clean up all the cabling and such.

Hardware has been ordered

Did a bit of research, hopefully I haven’t screwed myself by going too bleeding edge.

Getting a Core2Duo E6420, 2x1gb of Kingston 533mhz, evga 7300gt 256mb and an Asus P5B-E.

This is rather eery, I’ve never run an intel proc in my workstation. The times are changing indeed.

Workstation is dead again

Last night neo locked up hard, and after a reset the RAID5 didn’t come up cleanly. I was able to massage it back to life. Logged back in, took Carla home, and then crawled into bed.

Woke up this morning with a hard-locked machine again. Reset it. Issues with one of the disks in the raid and possibly the root disk as well. Didn’t have time to do much with it this morning, so I left it. I hate feeling homeless.

Long Awaited Stats

It’s been way too long since I’ve run my stats and posted.

Let’s start with the 5-tank average. These past 5 tanks were mainly highway, 2 of them were out to Victoria and back, the 2 after that both had 400km highway trips for work, and the last tank was all in city for a total of 4700.3km. Still running my winter-rubber, and most likely on winter diesel, we averaged 5.51L/100km, 18.15km/L, 42.68 US MPG or 51.26 IMP MPG, depending how you want to look at it, for a per-km fuel cost of $0.0501.

This brings the lifetime average to: 5.91L/100km over 66391km. 16.93KM/L, 39.83US MPG or 47.84 IMP MPG, with a per-km fuel cost of $0.0485.