On Hardware Upgrades


Picked up the Core2Duo yesterday to complete the upgrade of Neo. Going to put stats and config info and such here. This thing is sex.

I also got a free first-gen antec sonata from work this weekend. It was abandoned after a customers girlfriend got into the bright-idea-sauce after a fight and took a pair of side cutters to the inside of the case. Mangled the powersupply as well as cut the switch and LED leads to the front panel. Customer bought a new case, I snagged the old one and broke out the soldering iron last night while Carla studied. Fixed up the leads and moved Carla’s machine into the sonata. I still need to put the old heatsink from Neo on to Persephone, maybe a proc upgrade if I have one. Also going to to try to put the GPU cooler from my old 5600xt onto her 9800pro to quiet that down a bit. It’s always been my pet peeve with Persephone… always been too loud. So the last nights lesson was a little elbow grease and solder will yield free pretty things.

Also come to the conclusion again that I should get a better soldering iron. I guess I’ll keep an eye on ebay for one.

Decided I wanted to try Folding@Home today. Set the client up at home and got it running. It looks like it’ll be quick, but it’s no PS3. I’m mildly irritated that the only SMP client for linux is 64bit only. I’m not about to run 64bit Sid on Neo. I need something that’s going to behave for all that I do without too many headaches.

That’s it for now.

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