Life Marches On

After having a couple weekends I can be proud of I decided it would be a good idea to get around to posting. I’ll probably bang out a few tonight, this will be the general-life rollup.

I’ve started the housing search again, hoping to find a 1 bedroom apartment for a decent price for August 1st. I’m hoping to find something that feels like I could make it my home for a year or two while I build up toward buying a house. I desperately need a place to make my own, my kitchen, my bed, my lack of furniture in the living area.  That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed my time living with Nicole, I’m quite lucky and very greatful to have her as a friend, but I need a place that I can call home and this hasn’t really been it.

I’ve been debating getting a cat after I move but I haven’t sold myself 100% on the idea yet.  I’d need to have someone lined up to look after it (I respect it’s privacy) for when I get called away for work. Pete’s gf is alergic and wouldn’t be able to come over to visit. As amazing a cat as Earl is, sometimes I’m just not in a cat mood and don’t know that it’d be fair to do that to a cat that I’m solely responsible for. And people try to convince me I should have kids!

Work has been picking up and I feel like I’ve been doing some work I can be proud of lately. I suppose it would be prudent to blog about specific things later.

I’ve been frequenting both the EDC forums and the Zombie Squad forums the last couple months. I was really hoping to go camping this month but I’m going to have other things to do first. I’ve been building a Bug Out Bag in case the shit hits the fan, and I’m looking forward to building up a food stockpile at the new place as a dry-run for when I get my house in the sticks.

Life is marching on towards my 25th birthday.  If things continue I should be in a good headspace for that day.

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