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Apparently I don’t fuck around

Yesterday I ended up migrating what was left of my colocated machines onto a single VM. Had about 5 minutes notice before I decided to pull the trigger and with that in mind I have to say it went fairly well. I’d already updated DNS settings for my domains in anticipation of a change as well as dist-upgrading my main hosting VM and updated the hosting panel to the latest stable release.

With all that done, starting with a fresh install of Debian Lenny it took a couple hours after work to migrate most things over. I bollocksed up the first installation of ISPConfig, not entirely sure how and ran into a database issue. Being that this was a migration though I figured the easiest thing to do was to nuke it and reinstall the hosting panel. Did that, re-imported the databases and away we went. Had a bit of a mail issue for a few hours, nothing major though.

I spent a bit of time this morning modifying the hosting system to put mail tagged as spam in a Junk folder under each users’ IMAP root and we’re back up and running as we were yesterday with relatively little downtime. Exceedingly little considering it wasn’t a planned move. So for anyone I host that was wondering what the story was yesterday, that’s it. We migrated and upgraded. Now to arrange a time to go collect my hardware and sell it off.