Regression by Self Image

I feel younger today than I did two years ago. It seems my self image is tightly intertwined with some notion of an expected linear life progression. A large step back has made me feel younger, less experienced and less ready to face the world.

I look at my contemporaries and feel dwarfed by their accomplishments. I feel ill suited to be compared to them. I feel there have been points in my life where I have had a more meaningful existence, a more focused purpose, and spent more time working towards that. This is not to say that I oppose where I am, just noting the difference.

One thought on “Regression by Self Image”

  1. I have also encountered this in my own life, I have been spinning my wheels in life for awhile now but the summers when I work full time in the summer I feel like an adult again rather than the fail of studenthood.

    You have a career and I am so jealous of that dude!

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