I’m sitting in the corner

of my new room, in my new apartment. I’ve slept the last few days on an inflatable camping pad, in my lighter-weight sleeping bag as I haven’t had the chance to move my bed over here yet.

The old apartment is getting stupidly hot again, the new place has AC. Overall the place is bigger, but I have roommates and a smaller amount of space to myself. I think I need to take this opportunity to shed yet more useless shit. I think I need to embrace the hobo life. I’ve been freeing myself of desire, now I need to free myself of stuff.

There are currently, in my room, two guitars, two pillows, some clothes, my alarm clock, my humidor, and my pipes. That’s pretty much it. Oddly enough, I can’t say as I’m really missing the stuff that’s over at the old place, it’s just weighing heavy on me as I know I need to move it all soon. The idea of paying to store it is becoming more revolting the longer I think about it.

Time to start harassing people to take my excess crap, I think.

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