The putting things back together phase

That immediately follows the mucking about phase which came after the taking things apart phase never really gets the attention it’s due.

Right after putting everything back together I’d noticed I hadn’t hooked up my door-pull properly so I had to extend it much further than before.  So that went on my list of shit to fix “later”.

While out last weekend in Rocky Mountain/Rimbey I finally noticed that I hadn’t hooked up my mirror control.  This obviously needed to be fixed.

10 freaking minutes.  I can’t believe it didn’t take longer. 10 minutes to take apart my door, not lose any screws, reconnect things properly and put everything back.

And to top it off, the door-pull works properly now and everything! I guess now that that’s done properly, I can move on to planning the next mod… if only I could pick what to do next…

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