In other news the directions are right

About two weeks ago I re-installed my work lappy as the copy of XP on there wouldn’t activate, despite building it with an OEM disc and using the key on the bottom. C’est la vie.

However, I was having problems syncing my Treo. It kept failing on CarrierProfiles. This morning, I remembered something about the first sync needing to be done with the cable and not over bluetooth. I threw the cable in my bag this morning, and sure enough, it synced up no problem over the cable. It still fails over bluetooth for a few things so I think it may take a bit to get it all playing the way it was before the re-install.
It seems like this issue revolves around moving large files over bluetooth. Such a convenient technology, but it still feels a little green.

I do love my headset though, nothing has the power to make me look like a big, big big dork as quick as my headset.

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