Emergency Stop!

Or how I learned to stop worrying and fucking google it.

Retrospect is a strange piece of software that I can only imagine was designed for industrial applications.  I make this guess based on the idea that it has an Emergency Stop button much like the ones near machinery that has the ability to chop body parts off.

494 The Emergency Stop button in all it’s unlabeled glory.  I wouldn’t have even know it existed/what it does if it hadn’t already been pushed on the machine I was attempting to make work.

497 The nice warning you get when you press the magic button. I’m sure that whoever pressed the button before me saw this message.  Why they might ignore it, I’m not too sure.

500 And now, the magic button in the pressed state.  Notice the phrase “Execution is Deferred” in the lower left. Intuitive!

I’m still not sure that I get why they would do this, but at least now the defined backups should actually run at the times specified.

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