Show Number 0

Last night made me happy because I found Jamendo. Tonight made me happy for a different, though related, reason.

Tonight, as I type this, the last three tracks on the playlist for my show tonight are rounding out. I’ve completed the first episode of “Take the Next Step” on Hypatia Media. For the last month and a half I’ve been doing private test streams but tonights show is the first official show. The first above board, completely CC licensed show. I’m absolutely ecstatic. It was brilliant, despite how sad it was. I was so excited to finally be picking CC music for the show that I forgot to get material together to talk about.

There’s definitely a list of things to be taken care of. I still need new headphones, I want to find some better software to stream with, I might need a new sound card and I want to have the live tags working for song info. But ultimately we’re alive. We have no idea where our fearless leader is but I don’t care. I’m just going to keep streaming, keep pushing, and hopefully keep hooking people in. I’ve got some homework for the week. I’m hoping everyone out there will heed my call and provide some bumpers over the next few weeks.

The Next Step You Take Episode Zero ( 63:23 )

Playlist for the show follows:

Instrumental Section – Anomolous Material JT Bruce
To Marla – Let It GO!Urban Castle Magic
Mustapha – Let It GO!Urban Castle Magic
Dance of the Urbanite – Public Domaint r y ^ d
Nowhere – Breathin’ Again Antarhes
Live in Lie – ShrinkToadStooL
Mirrors – SecretsAll:My:Faults
Kennedy (?!) – Time to Think The Home Phonema
The Final Rewind – (Trad Demo) Public Domaint r y ^ d
Don’t ask me for my love – Time to Think The Home Phonema

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