Why do we have tech writers still complaining about this?

I don’t get it. This isn’t exactly new.

We have SI prefixes for things. SI is Metric. Metric is Base10. SI has always been Base10. Just because some engineers some years ago decided to ignore the fact that SI is Base10, we now have people constantly whining about how their Terabyte drives aren’t really a Terabyte. For all real definitions of the word, they are exactly a TeraByte. If you want somebody to yell at, yell at the manufacturer for selling you something with a weird label, but don’t accuse them of selling you something with an incorrect label.

We have a proper prefix for Base2 number systems. It’s called, appropriately enough, a Binary Prefix. It stands for exactly what these people think SI Prefixes should mean. Just because somewhere along the way you let somebody convince you it was a good idea to use Base10 prefixes for a Base2 system, doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s wrong. It was wrong 25 years ago, and it’s wrong today.

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