On Parking Douchebaggery

Apparently I can’t frame a shot with my phone to save my life, but at least I’ve got something. Had a douchebag crawl up Gia’s ass just off whyte ave last night. Brad had opted to not park behind me as he would have been past the sign; too close to the intersection and thusly, illegal. Didn’t stop this cunt-rag from parking 10 inches off my bumper. Only upside was I got to use one of the tickets I printed off of youparklikeanasshole. What did we learn from this? 1) Bring the good camera more often 2) It’s a good thing dave doesn’t own a big, metal vehicle 3) It’s time to make up some custom tickets to leave on windsheilds 4) People is bitches, and bitches must die. (Thankyou, ninjastan)


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