Life goes on

Most of you already know this. I guess I’m writing just for the sake of keeping record. I’ve now been single for a month to the day. Carla decided she didn’t want to try any longer to make it work, and while at first I argued, it was best that I accept it.

I’ve been basically floating the last month. My shit has been apart. I think I’m finally starting to stabilize, though.  I had strep last week and ended up spending a bunch of extra time sleeping. I think that was really for the best.  I don’t usually get sick, and this hit me pretty hard. I think I needed the sleep. Hopefully I’ll start seeing people again in the coming weeks.

The only lucky thing in all this is that work has been simple enough that it hasn’t caused me any extra stress over the last month.

I don’t really think I’m going to say much else about this here. I think it’s time I just focus on moving forward.

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