Smokables Update

I enjoy the fact that I have a tobacconist. I get a kick out of walking in and being greeted by name, being able to just kill time and talk about everything smokables or everything but.

I’ve recently finished off a pack of Tatiana cigarillos with a cinnamon flavored wrapper. I quite enjoyed these little treats as the tobacco itself is unflavored, which is my preference when it comes to my rolled smokables.

I’m currently working on a pack of Neos chocolate flavored cigarellos which I can’t say as I’m enjoying quite as much.  They’re a much smaller cigarello and as such have a tendancy to burn a bit quicker and hotter.

This past weekend I also picked up a club-pack of Monte Christo cigarellos. I’ve had them before and felt like treating myself. They smoke just as wonderfully as a full on Monte Christo.

With all that said, I had my first pipe of the season about 8 days ago and I’m looking forward to the pipe season to start. I want to finish breaking in the Charatan from last season and I’m hoping to rescue my orginal Choquin Butz, but as I’m afraid it just may be too cheap to be a really nice smoker.

I’ve spent a bunch of time on lately, quite enjoying the posts there. I may even start posting soon.

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