Oh I see how it is

Bill C-10 – A bill to make sure that illegal content doesn’t get tax credits or a bill enabling the use of an undisclosed morality system to censor film in Canada? Considering that no film has ever applied for a Tax Credit that could be described by the talking-points brought up on this so far (child porn & extreme violence), I’m of the opinion that the true reasoning is the latter.

Bill C-484 – A bill that would create a loophole that would be used to deny women the freedom to get an abortion. Not that the abortion would be denied, just an unclear threat that she could be charged with murder after the fact. But it’s not an attack on abortion. The Harper government aren’t going to re-open the abortion debate. They said so. They just want to make sure that someone who kills a pregnant woman gets charged for ending two lives, that’s all they want.

I’m growing tired of this government.

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