I hate wireless

I spent 4 hours on the phone, 2 with the senior support staff at Linksys, and I’ve basically learned that even though I had everything setup correctly, if I set back to defaults, and then slowly add things back the way they are supposed to be, it will all work finally.

This isn’t particularily a difficult setup, one router to cover the main floor, then 2 access points at the begining of the hallways hardwired to the router, two access points further down in repeater mode.

Associate with the router and it all works fine.  Associate with the access points and you can’t ping the router or get out.  Associate with the router, keep a continuous ping going and walk down to the other access points, and you stay connected.  As soon as you stop that continuous ping, the router falls out of your ARP table and you can’t find it again.

Associate with the router, and you can ping all the access points, hardwired and repeaters.

Fucking black magic is what it is.

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