So I’m nearing the end of three full days off. In a row. This is a damn vacation for me. I can’t say that I’ve accomplished a lot this few days, but I feel damn good.

Saturday night we went out to the park to a house party Bryan invited us to…  I kept thinking that I really shouldn’t have to justify going with “I need to fill up anyways”, but that was the hilight of the trip.  The party sucked. I guess I shouldn’t be entirely suprised by that. We ran back here… hung about for a bit, then I dropped Carla and John off.  Lame.

Yesterday I woke up fairly early and got a fair bit of computering done.  Carla finaly rose from the dead and I headed over to her place with the intention of going out shopping for clothes. Over an hour later, after she made brownies, we finally set out to find clothings.  I came home with some styluses for my Treo, the new Tool disc and Awake by Dream Theater.  Yeah…

Last night were over at Johns, he’d tried to round up a good group of people for a fire, we managed to add Ellie, but everyone else decided tobe sucktastic.

Today could be considered a write-off.  Been on a torrenting binge.  Signed up for I’m testing KDE on my workstation right now.  Installing ubuntu on a machine for Carla so she can stop using my MythTV frontend as her desktop (threw a 9800 Pro AIW in her machine so she could game a little too).

Last night we started talking about Tat’s again.  I’m really wanting to get the debian swirl done.  I should start looking into how much it’ll set me back.

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